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MDS and Jetstream Waterjets have had an affiliation for a long time. MDS is responsible for creating the operating software for the machine (appropiately named "Jetstream") and also for the Installation and training of operators on many sites in many countries around the world. It is therefore true that MDS truly knows the needs and wants of Waterjet users, and continually strives to imporove the Jetstream software to answer those requirements.

The Jetstream Software has many advantages:

*Ease of use. The Jetstream Software is extreemely easy to use and quick to learn.

*Can run off standard G-Code format, and also has the ability to directly run from DXF Files, thus eliminating the need for special CAM Software.

*Has Kerf Compensation functionality which can be controlled from the NC Code via G40, G41 and G42 Commands or set within the Software.

*Advanced Velocity Control Algorithm allows for fast and smooth cutting.

*New version with Fully Automatic Z Axis Function capable of measuring the material to be cut and then automatically loading the appropriate settings.

*Multiple Zero Points for "Cyclic Cutting" where the machine constantly runs a programs in 2 positions. This is for high volume production.

*Capable of modifying the cutting program to allow for material rotation and offset.

*Digitizing of templates using the Optical Digitizing System, designed by MDS

Jetstream Software is used exclusively by Jetstream Waterjets, manufactured by Shanghai Jinjian Waterjet Manufacturing Co Ltd . For those interested in buying a Jetstream Waterjet in Australia please follow this link.

For a long time, Template Digitization has been an issue in this industry, with the need of bulky 3rd party systems such as Digitizing Tablets etc. MDS has solved this problem with the introduction of the MDS Optical Template Digitizing System. This system uses a high quality German Industrial Vision System to plot points around a template that is placed on the Waterjet's Cutting Table, thus eliminating the need for extra space for a seperate digitizing system, and can effectively digitize any template that fits onto the Waterjet. Once the template is plotted, it is then an easy task to modify the drawing in the CAD software provided with the machine to quickly create the desired shape.