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MDSmotion-PCI 4 Axis Servo Motor Controller

The MDSmotion-PCI is a 4 Axis Motion Controller providing 4 X 16-bit +/- 10V Analog outputs and 4 X Quadrature Incremental Encoder Inputs for Motion Control.

Motion Control:

Controller Type: 4 Axis Servo Position Controller.

Encoders: Single ended and differential quadrature differential encoders

Control Modes: Torque, Velocity, Position, Contour, Gain and mixed modes.

Gains: Proportional, Integral, Derivative, Feed Forward, Feed Reverse, Torque Scaling.

Acceleration Profiles: Trapezoidal, S-curve.

Move Types: Point to Point, Constant Velocity, 4 axis interpolated (linear movement), 2 axis interpolated (circular movement), electronic gearing, Torque Mode (PID disabled). Also possible to gear the motion of non circular interpolating axes to the movement of circular interpolating axes, an example of this would be gearing the C axis (Rotary Axis) to keep a knife or other cutter tangential to an arc while cutting.

On the fly: Velocity Override (in Trapezoidal Acceleration Mode), display of all parameters, loading of the Contour Buffer (ring buffer).

Digital I/O:

Inputs: Limits + (x4), Limits – (x4), Amp Fault (x4), General Purpose (x10), Optically Isolated.

Encoder: A, A/, B, B/, Z, Z/ encoder inputs to 13.3MHz (before Quadrature decoding)

Outputs: Amp Enable (x4), General Purpose (x8), Open Collector Darlington Array.

Analog I/O:

Inputs: 4 X 10 bit A/D Converter (board is capable but not implemented yet)

Outputs: 4 X 16 bit D/A converter for +/- 10V Servo control 


PID Loop and position read: 2 KHz (every 500 us)

Trajectory Generation: 2 KHz (every 500 us)

I/O and error reporting: 2 KHz (every 500 us)

Full Instruction set for motion control

High speed position capture

128 Move Contouring Ring Buffer (will be increased to 256 in future models)

External Communication:

PC Communication: PCI (half length card)

Driver, COM library and .NET libraries included. Support for Programming in C, C++, C#, VB6 and VB.NET.

Sample software included. MDS can also write custom PC applications if required.

Please see our Download Page  for the latest Drivers, Firmware and Sample Code.

This controller is well suited to controlling fast and slow moving X-Y Tables in Waterjet, Laser/Plasma and Milling applications where advanced simultaneous control of up to 4 axes is needed.

MDS's Moves Library  Can also be used with this product. Providing Advanced Velocity Control, DXF/NC Code Import/Export, Support for Importing Drawing2D.GraphicsPath  objects directly from the .NET framework and much more. This is free to use at no extra charge.

MDS can also provide a Turn Key Solution for your Motion Control Application. Please Contact Us  with your requirements.

Price: AU $625 + GST (SCSI Cable and Breakout Board not included). For orders over 5 units please Contact Us  for a quote, as cheaper pricing is offered on volume orders.





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