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The Moves Library is a supplimental Class Library written in C# that currently targets the .NET Framework 4.0. It provides many helper functions that make writing Motion Control Applications faster and easier. The Moves Library is provided free of charge to customers.

Currently the Moves Library provides:

*Advanced Velocity Control Algorithms. This is very important when controlling fast moving machines such as lasers when corning is involved, as well as machines that use "Floppy Tools" such as Waterjet Cutters. If the velocity is not controlled properly in these cases, then the quality of the parts being cut by the machine suffers greatly.

*Ability to import and export NC (G-Code), DXF Files, and the Drawing2D.GraphicsPath  .NET Class. These are then converted to a list of moves for each axis, and from there Velocity Settings can be applied, ensuring smooth contouring. It is then easy for your software to load the Ring Buffer of your MDSmotion Controller with theses moves.

*Tool Compensation for offsetting the path of the imported moves to allow for the size of the cutting tool (Kerf).

Please visit our Download Page  to download the Moves Library.

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