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Introducing SplashCAD...

As a glass splashback manufacturer are you spending way too much time and money drawing panels on site and then re-drawing them back in the office beacuse nobody can read the onsite drawings? Are you or your staff wasting time re-entering data, such as into CNC Machinery for glass processing not only to make costly mistakes? Are you looking to save time and money by using a modern computerised system for splashback measuring / drawing and job organisation? SplashCAD is the answer.  With SplashCAD you will save time and money each and every time you measure a glass splashback because:

1. mistakes are enormously reduced
2. drawings only have to be done once, meaning that there is no need to redraw back in the office and there is no need for redrawing at the time of water jetting
3. DXF files are automatically produced for use on computer driven cutting machines
4. differences between the quotation and the measure are highlighted and must be dealt with at the time of measure
5. sizes of cut outs etc cannot be missed
6. the measurer is reminded to give explanations to the customer and to collect samples and deposits if required to do so.

SplashCAD is the only professional, computerised splashback measuring system on the market today and it will save you many thousands of dollars each year.



Common shapes are easily entered using the Outside Shape Wizard


Drawings are then created quickly and concisely, ready to be printed or sent to your favorite CNC Machine!

To Download your free 30 day fully functional trial of SplashCAD, fill in your details below and click "Submit". You will be re-directed to the Download Page.

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