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Welcome To Mobile Digital Solutions or MDS as we like to call ourselves. We pride ourselves on producing quality, innovative products for various industries, with a focus on Motion Control Hardware and Software, as well as CAD systems and Digitizing Systems. We also can design custom .NET software based on your requirements. Our products include SplashCAD, an innovative CAD System for the Glass Industry, Waterjet Control Software used by one of the leading Waterjet Manufacturers in China, Template Digitizing Systems which have been sold worlwide and the MDSmotion line of 4 Axis Servo Motor Controllers.

We can provide a consultation service for the commission and repair of Waterjet Machines. MDS has many years experience in this field.

About Mobile Digital Solutions:

Mobile Digital Solutions was established in 2007 by Jake Hall, Mal Hall and George Lee. Since then, MDS has provided Motion Control Software and Hardware for various applications worldwide. Our expertise is in PC Based Servo Motor Motion Control Systems, and as we manufacture our own hardware and software, we have complete control over our products. We are based in Sydney, Australia but are certainly not limited to doing business in Australia, as our products are used in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chile, Brazil, Ireland, The USA and The Middle East.

Our Mission:

Our mission here at MDS is to provide flexible, high performance Servo Motor Motion Control Solutions at an affordable price. We take advantage of modern and powerful new technology, such as the latest MCU's and software written using the .NET Framework. Currently we supply software and hardware to one of the major Waterjet Manufacturers in China, and as a result millions of dollars worth of equipment rely on our products every day.



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